Air conditioning indoor machine with odor solution

Love tips: air conditioning in the use of the season, should be cleaned every 2 weeks indoor filter network;

Preferred caliber - first of all, the air conditioner's own parts do not produce an odor source, it is installed indoors, but through the indoor unit of the evaporator to the indoor environment of the air for hot and cold air exchange (in other words: that is, indoor air is circulated effect, to achieve the purpose of cooling), thus generating conditioned odor are: indoor, indoor air odor sources exist, such as: air floating dust particles, bacteria, dust, smoke, etc. , When the air conditioning to cool, inhaled air conditioning indoor unit filter, but some fine dust through the filter adsorption on the evaporator, the air conditioning and refrigeration will produce condensate on the evaporator, when the air conditioning shut down, the summer The indoor temperature is high, it will be adsorbed on the evaporator dust moldy, which is when the air conditioning indoor unit again, it will be dusty moldy odor blowing, resulting in indoor air odor. Therefore, in recent years, air conditioning in the design of the increase in ionization purifier, in addition to the purpose of light and other functions, is to better improve the indoor environment of the air freshness.

Love to remind users, as long as the regular (15 days) in time to clean the filter and often keep the indoor ventilation, keep the indoor air clean and fresh, (to avoid air-conditioned room closed for a long time closed room caused by indoor air pollution, increase air conditioning odor factors) or often disinfection The role of air freshener spray to the indoor unit of the filter and the evaporator will eliminate the smell.

The most important advice: in the air conditioning before each shutdown, the air conditioning set air mode or set the air conditioning temperature of 30 degrees, so that the air conditioning (outdoor unit) does not have the conditions of the operation of the cooling operation, let the indoor unit running 3 -5 minutes or more, the indoor unit evaporator on the water dry, it will greatly reduce the odor generated.

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